Who is Celina Smith? What is her Estimated Net Worth, Relationship and Much More?

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Celina Smith has quickly become a social media star. She is the girlfriend of the shameful YouTube prankster Steve Will Do It. But just how old is this rising Instagram influencer and model? This in-depth article will cover Celina Smith’s whole biography. It will also cover her relationship with Steve and details on her growing net worth.

Celina Smith’s Biography

Celina was born in 1999 in Los Angeles, California, and she is around 24 years old as of 2023.Celina is an  is an American model, Instagram influencer, and YouTube personality. She used to live in Los Angeles, California.She has gathered over 800,000 followers on Instagram. She does eye-catching fashion modelling photos. Then, she shares glimpses into her personal life.Celina first entered the limelight as the girlfriend of Steve Will Do It. He runs a YouTube prank channel with over 3.5 million subscribers.

Their relationship has been recorded through vlogs and social media. This got them the title of YouTube’s “dynamic duo.”But there’s much more to Celina Smith than being Steve’s girlfriend. She used her social media reputation to start an influencer career. She got paid sponsorships and modelling work. Her estimated net worth reproduces her success.

The Early Life

Celina Smith is american famous model. We have a few details about her family and upbringing. But, Celina keeps that part of her life private.However, it is thought she had a relatively stable besides normal childhood growing up in LA. She has not spoken of any significant struggles or traumas since her youth.

Career Background

According to limited information, Celina attended a local public high school in her home. There, she took a strong interest in arts and fashion design. She also took photography classes that hinted at her future career in welfare.Celina has not shared much about her school days. But, she looked to excel in creative subjects and fashion. However, she did not attend college after advancing to high school.In her late teens, Celina began taking stylized modelling shots. She also posted routine photos on Instagram and other platforms. This allowed her to start building her brand. She did this in addition to her online presence, during her youth.Starting social media early gave Celina a head start. It gave her the skills and audience needed to become a full-time influencer. Her early adoption of Instagram set her up for success.

Celina Smith’s Meteoritic Growth to Instagram Fame

Celina launched her Instagram account under the handle @celinasmithofficial in 2014. The podium was still relatively new. She began posting fashion and modeling photos repeatedly taken by friends.In her early Instagram days, Celina showed a knack for displaying her fashion sense. She did this besides posting model-like photos. She slowly erected her following and became active in Engagement Pods to gain visibility.

  • By 2016, Celina posted steadily and had eye-catching photos. This allowed her to gain over 50,000 Instagram followers. This breakthrough meant she could start monetizing through partnerships with minor brands.
  • Her big break came in 2018. This was when she went public with her relationship to outrageous YouTuber Steve Do It. Steve featured Celina obviously in his vlogs, instantly expanding her audience.
  • Being tied to Steve’s wild pranks besides crazy antics made Celina go viral recurrently. By 2020, she had amassed over 300,000 Instagram followers in addition to counting.
  • Celina continues to grow her viewers. She does this by showing her philanthropic fans a voyeuristic look into her lavish lifestyle. She shows them her friends and modeling gigs. She has learned the art of Instagram Flex.
  • With a following now outstanding 800,000 in 2023, Celina has become one of LA’s top social media influencers. Brands stripe up to partner with her, increasing her fame and income.

Relationship with Steve

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Celina first met prankster Steve Deleonardis (known as SteveWillDoIt online) in 2017. He was everywhere during her early Instagram days. The two met through mutual friends in LA.They clicked right away and ultimately made their relationship on Instagram official in 2018, to the pleasure of fans. This marked a new era for both their careers.Steve began putting Celina in his wild YouTube videos. The videos were all about drinking, partying, and quirky challenges.

Celina provided a calm, level-headed foil to Steve’s hyper, wild energy. Their opposite personalities complemented each other. This endeared them to millions of viewers seeking distracting entertainment.The couple collaboratively vlogged around their lives and relationship, giving fans a near look at their love story. Their content presented a self-improving fantasy for many young followers.

Analyzing Celina’s Proceeds Sources and Net Worth

Her modelling, brand sponsorships, OnlyFans, and YouTube have earned Celina an estimated net worth of $2 million.She earns income through multiple streams: Celina has over 800k followers. She can charge $3,000 – $5,000 for a single sponsored Instagram post or Insta story. For big brand deals, she expected to earn much more. Celina books high-profile modelling jobs for brands. They include Fashion Nova, Lounge Underwear, and more. Top modelling gigs pay her $10,000 or more.

  • OnlyFans – Her private OnlyFans account, through exclusive content, has monthly subscribers. Even if she has a slighter subscriber count, this still generates steady revenue.
  • YouTube Earnings – Though sporadic, coming into court in Steve’s videos likely earns Celina a share of the ad revenue he generates.
  • Celina has done commendation deals with retailers like Fashion Nova. They were for extra income outside her influencer posts.
  • Based on industry averages, rational estimates put Celina’s annual earnings at $200,000 – $300,000. She earns this money solely from her influencer work, in addition to her modelling gigs. Her income will likely rise rapidly as her fame grows.


It’s plain that Celina Smith is far more than just Steve Will Do It’s girlfriend. She is a magnate who has leveraged her influencer fame into a lucrative private brand and modelling career.At just 24 years old, her net worth, besides her follower count, continues to grow at a meteoric pace. Celina displays no signs of slowing down regarding increasing her empire.Her relationship with Steve may have opened doors at first. But, she has proven herself as a smart businesswoman and social media organizer. Celina represents the new generation of influencers. They shape culture while living their lifestyle.

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