Social Media Fame Harper Zilmer Age: A comprehensive biography

harper zilmer age

Harper Zilmer, a 15-year-old famous social media personality lived in the United States, who is an American musician, YouTuber and Instagram and TikTok fame. For instance, she quickly gained popularity on TikTok by posting get-ready-with-me content, dancing, and lip-syncing. Now that we eagerly watch Harper grow and develop her identity on social media paradise. In this article we will explore more about the harper zilmer age, Biography, career and more.

Harper Zilmer Age

Currently Harper Zilmer Age is 15 years old and was born on March 20, 2009. She is a popular TikTok star and social media influencer, known for her fun stories, which include lip-synching shows, dance challenges, ” get- ready-with- me ” etc. are ” Video of the characters. Harper started gaining a lot of attention on social media in early 2023 and has since gained a huge following on various platforms

Physical Appearance

Measuring 142 centimeters (4 feet 6 inch) in height and weighing nearly 41 kilograms (90 pounds). Harper is small in build and pretty to look at, a factor that appeals to children. Her character is easily illuminated by her presence in such videos, and right from the adverts. er personality is one that easily stands out in the social media platforms.  Harper’s favourite sign is Pisces which sums up her character as an artist and an empath. She is White, born and bred American, or as many refer to it, ‘Born and nourished American. ’

Family Background

Harper Zilmer has a free and loving family and the feeling of family members is very close. From her mother she gets her name Brownen Hyden Zilmer who equally plays a very important role in her life. It seems the public has mis assumed that Haley Kalil who makes videos with Harper is his real mother. It is also important to mention the character of Dan Zilmer, Harper’s father, who plays an important role in her life as well. Her close friend and older sister has a TikTok account also and is known as Reese. Overall, they have made a large number of dance performances and lip-sync videos featuring them as the siblings whose bond is as close as friends.

Harper’s Early Life

As a child living in Dallas, Harper showed aptitudes for acting and inventiveness from a young age. Raised in the family with a focus on arts, her initial dreams were associated with being a dancer and a musician. It quickly became apparent that Harper – this girl with the bubbly personality and great sense of humour – loves working entertainment into her social media accounts.


Harper Zilmer goes to an unnamed high school, which we could presuppose, she attends as a ninth-grader. Harper is definitely one hard-working woman; on top of her academic work, she is already pursuing her social media influencing and artistry career. An example is from the school activity of being a cheerleader which demonstrates that she is a versatile and an active person.

Professional Career

Professional Career

Harper Zilmer’s career officially started in January 2023 and she began posting her TikTok videos. Her account with lip-syncing, dancing, and the prepare-with-me segment gained immense traction, and soon she had many followers. To date, the account she created has been followed by more than 4.5 million people. Harper zilmer age is 15-year-old , Young Canadian famous YouTuber launched his self-named YouTube channel. Which has almost 1.19 million subscribers, is funny and entertaining, and simply covers her hobbies, life and YouTuber’s work. On Instagram, she has a huge following of more than 271,000 followers and uploading her images and videos lets people peek into her wardrobes, her glances, and her lifestyle. She is also regularly active on Facebook and has nearly 56,000 followers.

Besides the social media activities, Harper is also venturing into the music realm in the following ways. The first performance video, the song “Queen B” includes elements of hip-hop style with collaborations with Cash Baker, and Maverick proves her ability to be a hip-hop musician. The All-Star Cheer in May 2023 also reflects Harper’s versatility and dedication to her career as a performer.

Awards and Achievements

Harper Zilmer became a pop sensation and a social media star within a very short span of time and has received a fantastic response. Although one may not provide tangible accolades as proof, her number of followers and the interaction she gets from fans on popular social networking sites such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram are evident of the success she has achieved. It will be meaningful to discuss her charitable work and projects as well as her first single and music video which demonstrates her potential for further accomplishments.

Harper Zilmer’s Boyfriend

For a long time now, there has been no known or published information about Harper Zilmer dating anyone. She does not post pictures about herself and her life or share selfies, similarly as she does not sell selfies as some other women; she has a career and silently aims at self-improvement.

As of now, Harper Zilmer is single, as she is still very young and has a long way to go before she turns into a fully-fledged adult. She still lives with her family as a source of support for her various tasks in pursuit of her courses and business.

Harper Zilmer Net Worth

The customer appreciates the fact that Harper Zilmer as a social media influencer and a singer has done a lot in sponsoring herself. Therefore, according to our current approximation, Zhang Ziyi’s net worth is around USD 500,000. This astonishing figure contains her income generated from establishing her presence on social media, sponsorship deals, and new-found music career.

Social Media Presence

Social media is also profound in Harper Zilmer’s presence, as the girl is subscribed to various social media platforms. creative and humorous videos on the app Tik Tok where she shares entertaining content with more than 4. 5 million followers. Her official YouTube channel, with 1m followers. The channel’s 19 million subscribers may view anything from vlogs to music videos, although it is most popular for the latter. Her Instagram is located at kyliejenner and it has more than 271,000 followers who get to see the different moods she tries to capture in the pictures she posts on the site; fashion and lifestyle. Harper not only runs a popular blog, but she is also active on other social media platforms including Facebook, with over 56 000 followers.


She is one of the most engaging and creative young minds of today and is already making a massive contribution in the digital world. Ever since the TikTok sensation, Harper launched into the world of music, which she also seems to be ultimate path, she has remained an inspiration of a hardworking young talent with a supportive family backing her up. Harper Zilmer as a major presence on the Web and as a great performer who continues to develop her presence in social networks remains an example and an inspiration for millions of fans. Therefore, we have tried to cover all aspects about her through this article. It includes harper zilmer age, net worth, life and more


1. How old is Harper Zilmer?

As of 2024, Harper Zilmer is 15 years old. She was born on March 20, 2009.

2. What is Harper Zilmer famous for?

Harper Zilmer is famous for her engaging TikTok videos, including lip-syncs, dance challenges, and get-ready-with-me moments. She is also known for her YouTube channel, social media influence, and budding hip-hop music career.

3. Who are Harper Zilmer’s family members?

Harper’s family includes her mother, Brownen Hyden Zilmer, her father, Dan Zilmer, and her older sister, Reese, who is also a well-known TikTok star.

 4. What are Harper Zilmer’s notable achievements?

Harper Zilmer has amassed over four and a half million followers on TikTok, nearly 1.19 million subscribers on YouTube, and over 271,000 followers on Instagram. She also released a debut music hit, “Queen B,” featuring Cash Baker and Maverick.

5. What is Harper Zilmer’s net worth?

Harper Zilmer’s estimated net worth is approximately USD 500,000, earned from her social media influence, brand endorsements, and music career.

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